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Understanding thread pools through cats-effect

1 hour 

Could not find an implicit IORuntime. is a common error when using cats-effect. But what is an IORuntime, and how should we use it? In this tutorial, you’ll use cats-effect 3 to explore the basics of thread pools, execution contexts, and blocking. You’ll see why the cats-effect is the best model for your application.

You will learn

I assume you know

You’ll get the most out of this if cats-effect is your first experience of threads. You’re not too sure what thread pools are (or execution contexts, for that matter), and aren’t as confident in using them as you’d like.

Some caveats

This tutorial won’t teach you how to use cats-effect — and you certainly don’t need to understand thread pools in order to use it. If you’re still getting started with IO and the basics of parallelism, why not head over to the cats-effect tutorial instead?